Sell more deals by learning how to grow a high-performing, real estate buyers list!

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Grow Your Buyers List Will Cover:

  • 20 + Methods to Find Investors Including:
    • Tax Records
    • Social Media
    • 3rd Parties
    • Free Databases
    • and More!
  • How To Find Investor's Contact Information
  • Video Walk-Through Tutorials

No Stones Unturned

  • Learn about the types of investors you'll be working with
  • Learn how to maintain and build relationships with investors
  • Learn how to figure out what price point investors are buying at in your area
  • Continuous updates as our team discovers new methods to bring in buyers
  • Plus More!

Great For Wholesalers and Real Estate Agents

Whether you're a wholesaler looking for cash buyers to work with or a real estate agent looking for investors to sell houses to, this course will teach you where to find them! You'll also learn how to find their contact information, how to reach out, and how to build a relationship with them. Don't let anymore great deals go unsold because you couldn't find a buyer!

Grow My Buyers List



  • Grow My Buyers List Course
  • A-Z On How To Build A Strong, High-Performing Buyers List

Sell More Deals By Having A Strong Buyers List: Stop Relying On Facebook

Most courses and gurus teach you how to acquire deals... but they rarely teach you how to find buyers to ensure your deals sell. They'll likely recommend you to post your deals on Facebook, Craigslist, etc. While those methods can be beneficial, wouldn't it be nice to have a list of performing cash buyers or investors, know their criteria, have a great relationship with them, and be able to ensure your deals will sell?

That's exactly what this course covers.